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Qualifying For Senior Services Funded By The Foundation

If there are other means to get the services or products needed the Foundation connects and assist applicants to the appropriate products, services and resources so they can receive care as soon as possible.

For those who qualify the Foundation For Senior Services, the Foundation will assist in supplementing or paying for the services needed (if and when funds are available.)

The process to qualify for funding:
  1. Once you fill out the "Assessment form", and the health, environmental, social and financial needs are assessed the Foundation for Senior Services will work with your health care provider and our professionals to determine the right type of care and share the options available to you through the Foundation. 

  2. For funding an additional assessment by a Case Manager may necessary to evaluate the need for care. If you want to speed up the process by filling out the assessment form below yourself and or make sure you have the needed documentation and information when the case manager visits would be gratefully appreciated.

The Foundation For Senior Services does not provide the services and products directly.  However the Foundation supplements or provides funding for services and products needed.  All services and products are provided by local Seniors Specialists that have been vetted, are in compliance and in good standing with the Foundation For Senior Services.

If a potential care recipient does not qualify we will still direct them to the needed resources, services and products that can help them stay safe and cared for in their home. You may want to visit our Resource Library in order to help educate and prepare the senior you are concerned about. The blogs and forums provide lots of great information too!