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Pet Porter Pals

Carmel Mims-Galvez
444 N. Euclid Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101

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About Business

Pet Porter Pals specializes in providing pet care assistance and pet reunification visits to seniors. We recognize and understand how mutually beneficial the human-animal bond is, and particularly how beneficial pet companionship/ownership is for seniors’ overall wellness.

Seniors who find it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of caring for their pets (whether due to limited mobility, cognitive decline, or are no longer driving) are at risk of being separated from them, which would be heartbreaking not only for the seniors, but for their pets as well. This is where Pet Porter Pals can help!

Services we provide include:

  • Dog walking
  • Medication administration
  • Small animal care
  • Pet food and supply maintenance
  • Litter box cleanup
  • Pet transportation to vet/grooming appointments


For seniors who have already entrusted their pet to a loved one to resume care for, a simple reunification visit with their pet could be the very moment that brightens their day and lifts their spirits. The pets are sure to be filled with joy and excitement as well once they are reconnected with their special person. We transport the pets from their home directly to their special senior for one-on-one visits.

At Pet Porter Pals, we strive to help ensure pets are happy and healthy from head to tail, and to ultimately keep seniors and their pets connected.

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