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Types of Senior Services

Welcome to the Foundation for Senior Services a centralized Senior Service organization. To find the assistance you are looking for you can either search our site for helpful information, education, products, services, resources and support on your own OR reach out to our call center, managed by Helping Hands Senior Services of Los Angeles by calling (855) 836-0807 and talk to one of their trained care coordinators. The call is free as is the care planning service we offer. We can help you learn about great resources such as:

Assistance with Food Programs
Mobility /Fall Prevention
Wheelchair Maintenance & Cleaning
Transportation Assistance Services
Medication Management
Low Income Dental Programs
Medi-Cal Application Assistance
VA Benefits Application Assistance
Care Management / Case Management Referrals
Hospice and Palliative Care Referrals
Home Health Care Referrals
Residential Placement Assistance
In-Home Care Assistance
In-Home Medical Services Assistance

We are dedicated to help the frail, vulnerable and distressed seniors who are unsafe or unable to care for themselves by connecting and assisting them to the needed education, resources, services, and products they may need.  This is mainly done through the call center and the local Seniors Specialists Group chapters. 

If there are no other means to get the services or products needed, a
nd when funding is available for qualified applicants, we will help supplement and or fund those needed services and products.  Please click "Qualifying Senior Services" button.

Qualifying Senior Service